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I’ve always had a passion for photography and for over a decade, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph a range of stunning homes in my day to day job. But when my four-legged furry sidekick, Bailey came into my life, we quickly found a passion for exploring beautiful locations. Wherever I go, I take my camera with me on our travels, whether that be in my home town of Grimsby (North East Lincolnshire) on our beloved seafront, or up a mountain.

A combination of lockdown, living alone and wanting to keep my creative fire burning; saw me offer out my photography services to people who had seen my work. I initially thought the pressure of photographing someone’s big day could prove too much, but when a couple of friends asked me to be part of their special day (with zero pressure attached), I gave it a go and fell in love with everything about it. The pure emotion experienced by all involved was something that I quickly gained a passion for documenting, and as a result, James Williams Photography was born. 


I feel as though I have always been a creative person. I’ll always take a camera and a laptop over a hammer and a toolbox any day.

The world of photography fascinates me. I love capturing moments that tell a story, whether that be of people, animals, sunrises, sunsets or another of my favourite things in life, food! 

Being asked to not only capture, but be a part of such special moments, whether it be of couples on their wedding day, documenting parties/events, or family portrait photos – is such a rewarding experience. Having the passion for providing a service and capturing the essence of the occasion is where I feel I truly excel.

Ultimately, it’s the natural smiles, the belly laughs and the tears of happiness that makes me love what I do.


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